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A master coder

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At my desk with my cat sitting next to me

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Play games on my computer and watch youtube videos

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An excerpt from The Life of Samuel Johnson

And now I am to give a pretty full account of one of the most curious incidents in Johnson's life, of which he himself has made the following minute on this day: 'In my return from church, I was accosted by Edwards, an old fellow-collegian, who had not seen me since 1729. He knew me, and asked if I remembered one Edwards; I did not at first recollect the name, but gradually as we walked along, recovered it, and told him a conversation that had passed at an ale-house between us. My purpose is to continue our acquaintance.'

It was in Butcher-row that this meeting happened. Mr. Edwards, who was a decent-looking elderly man in grey clothes, and a wig of many curls, accosted Johnson with familiar confidence, knowing who he was, while Johnson returned his salutation with a courteous formality, as to a stranger. But as soon as Edwards had brought to his recollection their having been at Pembroke-College together nine-and-forty years ago, he seemed much pleased, asked where he lived, and said he should be glad to see him in Bolt-court. EDWARDS. 'Ah, Sir! we are old men now.' JOHNSON. (who never liked to think of being old,) 'Don't let us discourage one another.' EDWARDS. 'Why, Doctor, you look stout and hearty, I am happy to see you so; for the news-papers told us you were very ill.' JOHNSON. 'Ay, Sir, they are always telling lies of US OLD FELLOWS.'

Wishing to be present at more of so singular a conversation as that between two fellow-collegians, who had lived forty years in London without ever having chanced to meet, I whispered to Mr. Edwards that Dr. Johnson was going home, and that he had better accompany him now. So Edwards walked along with us, I eagerly assisting to keep up the conversation. Mr. Edwards informed Dr. Johnson that he had practised long as a solicitor in Chancery, but that he now lived in the country upon a little farm, about sixty acres, just by Stevenage in Hertfordshire, and that he came to London (to Barnard's Inn, No. 6), generally twice a week. Johnson appearing to me in a reverie, Mr. Edwards addressed himself to me, and expatiated on the pleasure of living in the country. BOSWELL. 'I have no notion of this, Sir. What you have to entertain you, is, I think, exhausted in half an hour.' EDWARDS. 'What? don't you love to have hope realized? I see my grass, and my corn, and my trees growing. Now, for instance, I am curious to see if this frost has not nipped my fruit-trees.' JOHNSON. (who we did not imagine was attending,) 'You find, Sir, you have fears as well as hopes.'--So well did he see the whole, when another saw but the half of a subject.

When we got to Dr. Johnson's house, and were seated in his library, the dialogue went on admirably. EDWARDS. 'Sir, I remember you would not let us say PRODIGIOUS at College. For even then, Sir, (turning to me,) he was delicate in language, and we all feared him.' JOHNSON. (to Edwards,) 'From your having practised the law long, Sir, I presume you must be rich.' EDWARDS. 'No, Sir; I got a good deal of money; but I had a number of poor relations to whom I gave a great part of it.' JOHNSON. 'Sir, you have been rich in the most valuable sense of the word.' EDWARDS. 'But I shall not die rich.' JOHNSON. 'Nay, sure, Sir, it is better to LIVE rich than to DIE rich.' EDWARDS. 'I wish I had continued at College.' JOHNSON. 'Why do you wish that, Sir?' EDWARDS. 'Because I think I should have had a much easier life than mine has been. I should have been a parson, and had a good living

Advanced CSS Trick 1 - Dark and Light Themes

In the past, almost every website only offered one color theme, and you had no choice in the matter. However, in recent years dark themes have become increasingly popular and most major websites now offer their own version of one. The logic behind this is quite simple: white text on a dark background is much easier on the eyes than dark text on a white background (especially at night), and arguably looks much nicer as well. Only Safari currently offers native support for dark themes, allowing you to use them as a default whenever possible. However, Chrome and Firefox are not far behind, and will be offering support in their next releases. This webpage takes advantage of that functionality, and will change looks in the latest version of Safari depending on your default theme choice.

Advanced CSS Trick 2 - object-fit and object-position

Positioning videos used to be very messy and require lots of JavaScript, but these days it's very easy and can be done through two CSS properties: object-fit and object-position. The video I will be using to demonstrate this was shot by me last summer, at Glacier National Park in Montana. It shows firefighting planes scooping up tons of water from Lake McDonald, then flying over to a nearby wildfire and dropping their load before flying back for more.

First, you will see the unmodified video.

Next we will see what happens when we change the size of the video container from the video's resolution of 1280x720.

Here we have specified "contain" value of the object-fit property - this option scales down the video to fit inside the new container while still maintaining the original aspect ratio. Next we will show off the other main value of object-fit, cover.

Here we have specified the "cover" value of the object-fit property - this option scales the video to fill the entire container while still maintaining the original aspect ratio, clipping the edges as necessary. You can see that the people on the left edge of the video are no longer visible. Next we will look at the object-position property.

Here we are using the object-position property to center the video in the top its container. I used the "top" preset here, but you can put it in any position you want using exact X/Y coordinates or percentages.

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